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I'm sorry but I didn't find the part anyone was trying to pass laws banning bb guns. That link was nothing more then a partisan website (something similar to what you anti-aclu folks mention). So please put a REAL link with real sources.

BTW: WHO is the GOVERNOR of Massachusetts?? It's Mitt Romney... And in case you forgot, he's a republican.

Who's the LT. Governor of Massachusetts? It's Kerry Healey. Another republican.

So who's in charge of Massachusetts?

Who's the governor of Vermont? Jim Douglas, republican
Who's the governor of Rhode Island? Donald Carcieri, republican

Who's "in charge" of these states?

Secondly, as Azzy quoted, it's a proposal, not currently LAW. Putting blame when you don't know the facts on Democrats is typical on partisan republicans.

Hell, do you folks even KNOW the amount of proposals they introduce in state legislatures? And now many of those even get a chance for a floor discussion let alone a vote? Give me a break. THIS is fear mongering folks.

Frankly, if had even a remote chance of passing, I would not be sitting here typing this and instead writing to the MASS STATE legislature and not blaming Uncle Teddy because Uncle Teddy does not sit IN the STATE legislature and does not pass laws in the state legislature.

But if you are concerned, why are bitching about it here and not doing something tangible about it?

Third: Azzy? Do you have proof this is their intention of taking away paintball guns or is that "the sky is falling" scenario based on fear, not on facts?
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