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Originally Posted by Martelo View Post

I dont want a marker that can spit 200 balls a second. I like accuracy, easy maintenance and long range. Also it has to be reliable. Not quite sure if going for a electronic marker is my kinda thing.
I dont know if such a marker exists or not, but the cockers have been around for so long...
Plus, i can use some of its barrels on my VM.
i must say, my proto matrix 6 (that shoots 200 balls a second apparently ) is way easier to maintain than an autococker, and electric markers arent any harder to maintaint than mechanical, less actually because there are more moving parts in a mechanical marker, the most i have to do to my pm6 is lube it and change the battery every once and awile, then again you arent looking for an expensive highend are you?
if you want reliablilty and easy maintnace, tippman 98 custom. period.
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