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It's old school but she's cleaning up real nice. A 32degrees cocker shown here with a Psycho Blallistics trigger frame on it as well as a cleaned up in my lathe regulator. Also shown is a barrel from my new J&J Edge system. Another bit of ebay activity.

I got this recently off MCB member Gambit. He kept the marker itself in great shape but at some point the black regulator had seen some love from a pair of water pump pliers or similar. So I skimmed the reg down and polished it up a bit to get it like you see here. I also added a couple of wrech flats down by the fitting where the metal is thick so I can use a wrench and avoid similar damage in the future. Why the HECK any company would make a reg or other gizmo that screws in and not put some sort of flats or hex on it is beyound me. When such parts gets stuck the poor owner has no choice but to do something harsh. Not everyone has proper clamps for round stuff.
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