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Originally Posted by pb_stud
OMG!!! What morons. Stupid nerds. This is why they get mocked in schools and jobs world round. Unfourtunatly, convincing my older brother to play paintball is slowly failing as he now spends hours playing games like these. On the computer atleast but still, its silly.

EDIT, and its why they will never get a wife
Hey now! Why I have never dressed up that goofy and made that much of an arse of myself I have played Tabletop and PC roleplaying games ( still do) and I have LARPed. I am married my wife and I have occasinal meaningfull overnight relationships with female friends and I play paintball. Not every geek deserves your scorn!

Funny stuff however!
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Originally Posted by commandoman
Kick back and enjoy the atmosphere, sexy girls at my school keep me sane through the worst lectures by the worst professors

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