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Another new blowback marker for me

This came in the mail a few days back. As with most used items I receive I took it apart and cleaned, lubed, checked and reassembled it. Along the way I took off the bulky and heavy expansion chamber and put back on the gas through vertical. But that left it sounding like it was dry firing HOT. And even a spring swap didn't do the trick so off came the grip and on went a regulator set to 350 psi. That sounded a little strong as well so it got turned down a hair to bring the sharpness of the CRACK down a little until it sounded like the reast of the markers I've shot.

So here's Lil' Blue with a CO2 bottle on. I'm hoping to anti syphon this bottle and use it instead of the CA since the CA bottle is enough bulkier that I don't need. Also coming is a slotting job to the feedneck and a clamp on to hold that loader in place more securely.


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