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Originally Posted by shartley View Post
Yeah, I got that in an e-mail this morning. And yes, it was sent from and to paintball folks.

I would like to say something but there is simply no good way to say it without someone taking offense or thinking I am being a “stick in the mud”, but here goes….

For those of you who feel the need to put people on a list and send things like that… please take me off your lists. And NEVER send a list with all members clearly shown. Use the CC function if you must send mass e-mails.

One of the biggest ways virus’ get spread is by these types of mailings. And I get in enough e-mail throughout the day and don’t need these types of things being sent as well. By all means if there is something important to share feel free to add me to your list, but for these spam type e-mails I would simply prefer to be left “out of the loop”. I don’t feel insulted by not getting them, and would prefer not to.


I cannot agree more sir.

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