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Originally Posted by Al Ray

Oh badkarma, I know what you mean with the whole "its the refs job to call me out" mentality. Its total crap. The only exception in my book is if Im 3 feet from my flag on a flag run, I'll run those last 3 feet then call a paint check, and If I was truely hit and it broke, well then I'll put the flag back or hold it at the possision where I was hit ( whatever the rules state for the feild) Its not the refs job to call you out. It is his job to check for paint and to catch cheaters, but in a good game the ref shouldnt be doing anything more than paint checks.
I have to play devil's advocate and disagree with this. If paintball wants to be viewed as more of a sport, then the referees need to do more than this. After all, what other sport would survive like this?? You don't see baseball players calling balls or strikes themselves, or football players deciding if they were down by contact or not, or hockey players sending themselves to the penalty box for checking. Matter of fact, as a fan, you'd probably be asking what the heck they were doing and call them crazy if they did. Why should paintball refs have a different role in the sport, if that's what we're trying to get to? After watching the coverage on ESPN I asked a friend of mine who has played in the NEPL and knows some NPPL players, including some of the NE Hurricanes shown in the coverage, about some of the playing on while hit stuff I saw. He also runs the tournaments at the local field. His take on it, and I can see his point, is that if it's an obvious hit and you play on, that's a penalty. You should have enough honor and integrity to call yourself out if you can. However, if it's not obvious, then it's the ref's job to pull you and determine if it is legimately playing on or illegal. If it's illegal, then the ref should assess a penalty that fits the crime. His explanation with the way current tournaments are played (speedball), is that there's a good chance if you stop to see if it broke, you're going to get hit again while checking. Now if the first one didn't break, you've basically taken yourself out of the game by stopping to check yourself and taking your eyes off the action. If there's a prize on the line, you might also have some angry teammates. Does this make it right? Well that's up to each person's own interpretation. Me personally, I can see it both ways.

In my playing time (going on 16+ years), I have only played in 3 tournaments. One was a limited paint event, and the other two were stock class. I have never played in a regular tournament and have really no desire to at this point in my life. I have called myself out on bounces, never played on knowingly and never overshot someone intentionally. I even consider the 'Deadman's Walk' low as to me, it's underhanded. Heck, the limited paint event, I got lit up in the back right in front of a ref and called myself out. The ref said they all bounced and that I could keep playing despite calling myself out, but I gave her the finger. OK, the reason I called myself out was because the ball that took me out broke on the tip of my middle finger as I was advancing in the opposite direction and she didn't see it . I wasn't giving her the bird, I was showing her where it had broke. That ended up winning us the sportmanship award. Even the event I mentioned at the start of this thread may or may not be considered cheating by the rules we used to play by in our group back then, sort of. We never really had established rules for 'friendly fire', one way or the other. The only reason I mentioned it was because by most fields standards today, I did cheat. Like some fields, we even had rules where gun shots didn't count, but we never addressed friendly fire. Odd, when I think about it now. But it didn't seem to come up back then.

I can't stand cheating personally, but just wanted to hear some other stories and get other people's views on the subject.

And Al, you can't say something is crap except when it works to your advantage. That's just hypocritical.


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