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a bad example of parents just "dropping off" the kid: me, my youngest son, and afew friends got together at a local paintball park fo a day of spraying paint.during a game,i and a couple of the guys that had been eliminated,were hanging out in the dead box.we noticed a kid(about 10yro) was curled up in the corner of a bunker w/ another older kid.they were the last 2 on their team remaining vs about 4 on the other team. the older kid was screaming at the younger to get up and shoot.the older kid was iliminated,leaving the younger one (still curled up) by himself.several of noticed that the younger kid was crying and yelling for the opposing team to stop shooting,opposing team did not hear him.about 4 of use had to run out and get the younger kid as well as get the other team to stop shooting.poor kid was very scared and shaking so bad that he shot himself in the hand twice while tring to put on his barrel bag.we ended up siting out a few games with him while he waited for his mom to come pick him up. this kid was not ready for this type of action by himself let alone at all
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