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I'm a bit dissatisfied. Not enough that I wouldn't deal with him again, but openness and honesty is the way to go on this, IMO.

Traded for a Blazer, which he informed me needed a switch rebuild. In actuality it needs a whole lot more work than that, and the switch is in there tighter than I though possible without the aid of an arbor press or red loctite. The ram was buggered pretty badly, too, and took a few hours of work to get smooth again. We also had agreed to ship same-day, but he was at a job site so there was a 5-day delay. He shipped once my package had arrived. Communication was a bit slower... again, due to busyness?

Seems like it was all unintentional issues, between traveling and probably not being able to test the ram if the switch was goofed, so no grudge. It wasn't exactly perfect, though.
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