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SC Roadkill at the first MOUT Site game ever: Sept 28 & 29 1996 Battle of Ste. Mere Eglise Ft Pickett, Va

I'm the one in the purple shirt standing in the jeep and Thumper is in the yellow shirt all the way to the right.

By Thumper : "Team Position I had the XO position under Mark Stiffer. But Mark bugged out at dark. Taz took over for the evening, and I took over the next day. Game Information MOUT site. 14 buildings. Tunnels. Wooded perimeter. Team Information: Thump, Clay, Skeeter, Grendel, Taz, Doc, Tumor, Brain, Travis.

Outcome We Won. All missions accomplished. This is particularly interesting considering the 12+ active 82nd airborne troops playing for the enemy. Thump's comments Even a Seal Team that was watching commented on our teamwork. Road Kill is definitely a cohesive unit. Brain earned himself a position on Road Kill at this one. Excellent dedication and discipline. We had the far Hospital, and no local staging. That sucked. "

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