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Hey guys, I bought a ccm lower tube kit for my karni this past weekend when i was in charleston for a scenario and didn't get the chance to install it until now. There is a problem however, the hammer is almost too big for the body. There is so much interference that the hammer won't go all the way in and wont move at all when I finally get it cocked and try to fire.

I was looking forward to the heavyweight hammer since I was hoping it would allow my mini'd karni to finally be sprung lightly. Everything else in the kit works perfect but the hammer does not.

I was wondering if this was a common problem or not.

I know you guys will tell me to PM Mel but I wanted to see what you guys had to say since idk if she will get back to me quickly because of the holiday.
We are shutdown till Monday.There is not much I can tell you.We haven't ran into this that I know of.You may want to inspect your hammer bore for burrs.Our hammers are generally undersize by about .005" or so.Maybe a little more.If you don't get it fix by Monday give Rod a call at the shop.
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