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Originally Posted by pbjones View Post
Kind of new so.... When you make the grips,are they all going to be "hard" or can you do soft ones like Dye style? Are you going to be able to alter the mount holes? Whatever you make,I am very interested! Thanks.
I can use several different formulations of material from stuff that would be soft like the DYE's to stuff that would be as hard as a pool ball.

So far for Sheridan, I am leaning toward a wrap around style probably more like the lapco's than anything. I always felt that Battlegrips were a bit bulky but the stock panels were too small. As a lefty, I hate thumbrest grips.

Nelspot/Daisy is a little trickier. They will have to be a little bit bulky to allow the cart to be changed w/o removing the grip. Ambidexterity may not be possible because of this. A flexible rubber grip might be advantageous on the Nelspot/Daisy frames.

The 3357 is trickier still. Still very much in the Ummmm stage here. Considering two styles here. One that looks like the old time stag horn grips for nostalgia types and another set that gives them a more modern pistol look. Through the grip cart change not possible unless the grips have some sort of alternative mounting system.

Brass Eagle, still very much up in the air.
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