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AKA used to sell raw markers in parts, ship them to your anodizer
who when done would ship them back to AKA for assembly .
Too bad CCM doesnt do that so you could have a one off custom marker.
We tried that a couple of times.What a sh*t storm that creates.What if we scratch it on assembly.Yes it happens on occasions.We just send ours back and have it redone.If it is a custom color we just lost any profit that we had.Not to mention if it is the wrong shade.This is why we just do a few random colors.We have full control over the product until it gets into the customers hands.And that is why it is insured for the full amount.That is a big loss for any of us to take.

We just advise people to buy the less expensive dust have it stripped. Then we are out of the loop.

That could be a job for someone to do that on the side for a small fee.
Receive,disassemble,have anodized,receive in,inspect,reassemble,test,ship.
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