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Color Changes

As many of you have noticed, there have been a LOT of changes with the site. Everything we're doing is to make the site run a bit smoother and easier on the user.

You may not like it, I understand that. But nothing is permanent and anything can be changed, but we won't know if it works or not unless we try it.

Some changes being made.

Colors of users to allow some of the mods to stand out so folks know who to contact.

Moderators in charge of sections. We're not done completely, but we're breaking out folks to be in charge of certain sections, so you know exactly who to get a hold of.

Removing of Moderators. Yes, we have a lot of them. This was due to the merger of the two sites a couple years ago, and therefore got doubled up. We've never really had any major moderator issues, and most folks gleefully go on their way helping out.

Incynr8 has been in charge of making these changes and I'd like to thank him for doing a great job (as thankless as it may seem sometimes). I've pretty much stepped out of his way while he makes the executive decisions and I like what I see, so I'll let him keep going on his war path.

If you have any comments or future suggestions, PM me and we'll see if we can do it or not. We won't be able to please everyone, and we'll constantly review our progress to see if positive impacts are being made or not.

Thanks for bearing with us through the changes. You folks have made this site great, and we just want to continue on the positive path we seem to be on in growing and making this site one of the best ones to visit on this thing called the interweb - or whatever those kids call it now-a-days.
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