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P-68 Pressure

What is the normal presure that you guys are using on your P-68s. I have a P-68AT with a PPS performance tune and I have sealed the bolt. I was trying to use a female stab on it and I have to turn it all the way up to 800psi with my compressed air tank just to get it above 250fps. I do not want to run the RVA in any farther than I have. The darn thing is hard enough to cock already. I don't see any in the pic thread with stabs on them. So I asume they need max presure to run. Will I need to run liquid CO2 if it is even a little cool out side. Is their anything I can do to get it to run on 600 or 700psi. I have the hose from stab running up to the rear ASA with an adapter. Would it run a lower presure if I ran the hose from the reg straight to the vavle chamber. I would like to run the thing on regulated CO2 if posible. I know their is only so much you can do with the valves they have (it does have a hounds tooth valve but still has a short hammer travel)

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