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Putting together a complete list of paintball fields: need your help

As the title says, I'm putting together an exhaustive list of paintball fields that WE play at. Please post where you've played, and rate the field 1 - 5, is it field paint only? Is it BYOP, or does it have BYOP days? Do they hold tournaments. Speedball mostly, Rec ball mostly, or a little of both?

Copy and paste, and fill in please:

Field Name:
BYOP: (Yes, No, Special Days Only)
Play Style: (Woodsball, Speedball, Both)
Local Tournaments: (Yes, No)
Rating: (1,2,3,4,5) Stars


This is for a couple of projects I'm in the middle of, and will put together this list so we can all use this and enjoy, and when we're traveling... We'll know where to go!

Thanks big time folks, this will be a huge help!
The projects will become known for those who don't know as of yet.

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