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There were 200 guns made with 21" long barrels. They had the feed tube on the right and the barrel on top so you had to lay them on their side to get them to feed. It was extra lame. They made tri tube pistols Maybe 2 or 3 of them. I gave mine back to David Freeman to put in his museum.
The long guns shot for ****. When we cut the barrels off to 13" they rocked the painball world.
I tried to buy the 200 guns for $70 ($14K) because nobody else could get them to shoot over 200 fps.
I sent a Cashiers Check and those *******s at PMI reniged and sent my money back. A month later I invented the pump because I had to put that money to work fast.
None of these guns were ever fitted with a pump till after the production. I don't know who got them but I converted well over half of them to pump twist dual or bulk.
It was a tri tube set-up and we layed the barrel on the side by turning the action over 90 degrees so the feed tube was on top. They were really accurate. We'de split the stock and slide the front piece on a dowel as the first crude pump. Later we made delrins for these tri tubes. I doubt I have any but if I do it would be the pump to fit to that gun to make it more comfy. You need a longer pump rod also.
It was the first centerfire bolt set-up and it did not break balls in 13" configuration. Even with the centerfire bolt it was a ball breaker in 21" configuration. If that barrel had more than a hint of moisture it would turn into paint soup. Properly cared for a 13" would shoot 10" groups at 150 feet. We followed this pattern with the Annihilator but with a more precision barrel.
The factory was feeding me these long guns to sort out and I kept cutting them off to 13" and dual CO2 converting them. They shot too good. The factory wanted to make them work with a single 12 gram & 21" barrel and I told them to dream on. It wasn't going to happen. Physically impossible.



I hope you all find this as interesting as I did..... and now you know....
^As quoted from the Mac Man himself^

the standard K2 had a 14 inch barrel what is a 21 inch barreled gun?
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Almost only counts in horseshoes in handgrenades....
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