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The sport is set up to work off straight CO2 or HPA. It's just a gas through grip. The Comp and Pro both use regs.

I got talked out of buying one by the fact that cockers pretty much need a barrel kit. Since then I've gotten one but the sale price is over and they aren't getting any more.

I've seen some bad writeups on them from the serious cocker fans who tend to look down their noses at it because of the non adjustable 3 way. BUt if you think about it you can still adjust it all to achieve as tight a timing as any other cocker. The only difference is that you need to alter your steps adn to time it around the 3 way switch points. But if you do that and then adjust the trigger position to avoid unneeded travel outside of the firing and cocking points then I think you can achieve just as tight a trigger travel as with a regular cocker. The only difference in the end is that you can't place the trigger travel where you want it. So you need to adjust to where the 3 way insists the trigger be placed.

Or you can buy one of the 3way rods that is adjustable....

I like the concept of the no front block. Sure makes for a cleaner and probably lighter setup. And with a proper barrel I don't see why the Trilogy can't throw paint as well as any other cocker.
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