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X-Stream 45/45 for sale

13 years before tank needs swap, 3 years before first hydro test is due.
$170. includes shipping.

Regulator Features:

*Adjustable - guaranteed adjustable out put from 200-900 psi

*Largest Piston in the industry - more airflow, for an ultra fast recharge rate

*Largest Spring Pack in the industry - this computer ground spring allows for super consistency

*Light Weight - Aluminum body the reg. it self weighs only .3lbs

*Mini Gauges - Helps keep a low profile and they just look cool

*Live Adjustment - down adjustment bleed off

*Down Stream Bleed - Protects down line marker

*Rebuildable - No down time, completely rebuildable

*Tool - comes complete with wrench

Tank Features:

*Carbon Fiber Wrap-
*TUFF SKIN- is a revolutionary new resin coating which makes the outer surface very hard.
*5 Year Hydro Test Date-
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