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The trigger is a 1.5 finger trigger which is more annoying than a 1 or 2 finger trigger since only kids hands can fit 2.

In it's stock format, it's pretty rough on the recock. Probably set in a way that won't come untimed. Palmer's sells a Rock LPR which would fix that. Can't speak for the barrel but I have plenty of other cocker barrels. I can't speak for the upgrades on the pneumatics since I got it to be a pump. It also seems a little silly to put a lot of coin in upgrading the trigger frame, pneumatics, etc. since the same money could've gotten a better WGP model from the get-go.

Other than that, it comes with a beaver tail, bottom line, and is lighter than many stock autocockers. Not a bad little gun. Especially at the price I got it for refurbished.
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