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Originally Posted by Cunha View Post
There are some good blowbacks today. Sentinels, and Vector-m1's / Viper m1's are both relatively recent takes on the old design, and work well.
Vipers have been around for 10 years. Bill Mills gave me one way back in the spring of 1996, and I ended up selling it at the '96 "World Record Game" since I ran out of money...
And it was/is a nice gun. I suppose its unfair for me to say "They don't make them like they used too". And I don't just mean Z-1s, but also guns like Alleycats, and F2s were made in a different time.

Back when guns came with METAL triggers, and had complex machine work that served a purpose. "Bling" was non existent.
Today, if a part can be made plastic, its plastic. Othewise, if it can be made pot-metal, then its pot-metal.
Then, as a last resort, its made from overseas casting done in CHina, with terrible tolerances

Look at the ACI F4 compared to the F2. The F2 has some fancy machine work for the gasline, and a well machined trigger frame. the F4 is just a glorified spyder.

Bah.. or I might just be getting old. I've already started using the "WHen I was your age" crap with my kids. they roll there eyes.

These days, automags are so so so cheap and most people get HPA anyways, id practically reccomend an automag to most newbies.
I've never liked Mags, but thats mostly just because I've seen them cause so much misery in the pre-HPA days. IMO, AGD never really recovered from those days, which is a shame, since they run pretty awesome of HPA.

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