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Production has started on all parts except for Receiver, side cover, adaptor body and seat. The receiver has changed companies again. Hoping that 3rd time is charm. The side cover, adaptor body and seat are being made by a company that is making 17 other parts for me but I have not heard from them on these parts. I have a full 1000 saddle site rails done and the full 1000 for the locking feednecks. the other parts are suppose to be shipping in 200 lots.
Luckly China doesn't take christmas off. Taiwan is now doing the receiver and if I don't hear back from the company that is doing the side cover, adaptor body, and seat, I will be switching those over. I am also suppose to be receiving the second batch of samples for the barrel mount and barrel adaptor. Hopefully these will have been made much better this time.

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