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Well..... Can I plead the fifth.
I have on occasions. Mainly in tournaments. I had big problems with other people doing it, but since I could'nt stop it I figured fair is fair. I must repent for my sins! In woodsball, no-way. money is not on the line. And your just there to have fun.
We were at a big game about a month ago. In my group there were a couple of Pro's, Ams, and others throughout the ranks of tournament paintball, and we were probably the only ones not wiping. I think wiping is pretty silly if you ask me. Even in tournaments.
Boy, the next words out of your mouth better be some brilliant Mark Twain S**t. Cuz it's definately gettin chisled on your tombstone.

Had it been a blind body and not blue I would of jumped on it like an eithiopian on a steak dinner.

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