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BKO trigger adjustment

OK, I finally got to air up my 2k4 BKO the other day and fiddle with it a bit. I set about adjusting the trigger to my liking, following the instructions in the online manual. The manual says that there are two adjustment screws, but I seem to have three. The lowest one adjusts the overall travel of the trigger, and I believe the highest one (closest to the body of the gun) is the one that actually hits the microswitch, but I can't seem to determine what the middle one does? Is it for adjusting the return spring tension (and thereby the "weight") of the trigger? I turned it all the way in and all the way out without feeling any noticeable difference in the operation of the trigger. The top one, unfortunately, seems to be unmoveable. I think someone used the wrong kind of loctite on it. If I can't break it free, I might have to pick up an aftermarket trigger. In that case, any recommendations? I like the style of the stock trigger and don't really go for any of the fancy stuff (like the "nekked lady" triggers and such).

Also, I ran through some dry-firing with CO2 (since my HPA tank has a slow leak and has emptied since the last time I played). The reg (PPS Fatty) frosted over after about 50 rapid-fire shots. After another 20 or so, the gun seemed to freeze as well. It sounded like a Mag that's frozen with CO2 venting down the barrel. It only vented for a second or two and then stopped. I let everything warm back up and it was fine for another 40-50 shots. I don't think I'll be using CO2 with this thing unless it's 90+ degrees outside.
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