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Tippy 98 and mil sim

I have been really looking hard into mil sim. It's actually something up my ally. Truthfully it's nice and slow but with fast pace action. So I'm looking into joining a scenario team that does this local,but still only looking. So what I'm getting at are 98's cheap and still popular on the market? Are there mil sim kits available? I have seen some, actually some I really like . I'm not sure I want to spend money on a 98 if they are obsolete. Cause if I do get one,I want the full auto grip with it. Are those still sold too? What should I pay for a new and used one? Are they still factory supported. I have plenty of gear left over from my military days so thats one expense I wont have. It's just the marker and kits. So input from you guys especially those that mil sim paintball will be appreciated. In other words I'm not going to half *** a kit.
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