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Originally Posted by HP_Lovecraft View Post
True. The pneumatic rating is around 1/3 of the hydraulic rating.
So, if a grease-gun hose says its rating for 15,000psi burst max, thats about 5,000psi burst max for pneumatics, which is about 1700psi working max.

Hrm...I bought a piece of grease gun hose once in a pinch (because the nearest PB shop was closed and there was a Pep Boys right across the street). Mounted it to my Phantom (from the backbottle ASA to a bottomline) and proceeded to screw in a tank. There were no leaks from the fittings, but in about 10 seconds, a bulge appeared around the middle of the hose. I promptly unscrewed the tank, but not before the bulge grew to about 2" in diameter. Oddly, after removing the tank, the bulge remained. Being the idiot I am, I poked it with an o-ring pick only to have it split open with a frightening little "crack" that left an inch-long gash in the hose covering. Inside, it had braided stainless...which I thought was weird. I'd heard these hoses used layers of rubber and a type of plastic, but I didn't know they were also "steel-belted", so to speak.

At any rate, I never touched the stuff since then. I used microline on my Phantom for a while, but found it to be unreliable. Same with macroline. The only exception is on my ProLite, which has macro wrapped in that springy metal wire that Tippmann used from the factory on the ProLites.

I usually stick with braided stainless hose, but would like to convert everything to hardlines once I have the skill and equipment to do so. I also use quick-disconnects like they're going out of style. I'm too damn cheap to buy enough regs for all of my markers, so the QDs make swapping them from one gun to another very easy. Except 'cockers. Anyone else noticed that the air input on stabilizers tends to hit the trigger guard on most 'cocker frames?
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