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Since I started using Macro line, like 6 years ago, I havent gone back. I have had 1 blow on me, from a reg that would spike when being filled. Other than that, I have used it for Co2 (unregged, but I make sure it doesnt sit in the sun) and HP HPA. The main reason I like it better than SS, is that I can get a cleaner install, as I can cut the Macro to the exact length I need. And buying the Parker brand is best. I have used 32* and other cheaper ones without any problems, maybe I have just been lucky. I am switching all my fitting over to either Camozzi or Norgren, which ASP stocks. Even though I have only had 2 fittings leak. A clean cut on the ends is mportant, but again I have had good luck with sightly uneven ends. I make sure that I cut the Macro a tiny bit long, so that it stays snug between fittings when not under pressure.

Overall, it purely personal preferance IMHO. If your worried about it blowing dont use it. Not worried about it blowing? Use it.

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