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Splatmaster: Increasing Velocity; Double Feed.

I just purchased a very old, beat-up splatmaster. I enjoy tinkering with markers, so I took the entire thing apart (not as hard as I thought it would be), cleaned out the mud that was caked up inside of it, and put it together again.

I was able to fix a problem with the 12 gram not loading in the handle correctly, but now I have two problems:

1) my velocities are around 150-190FPS with only the first or second shot above 200FPS. Could this be a) the drive spring being 20 years old b) the temperature being 40-50F, causing the CO2 pressure to be too low, or c) a and b?

Is the CO2 pressure from a 12 gram affected by air temperature the way CA is? Does anyone have suggestions for obtaining a new, stiffer spring? I tried a couple of hobby stores and home depot, but no dice so far.

2) The ball-bearing detent fails occassionally, leading to a double feed and both paintballs exploding in the barrel when the next shot is fired. Not sure what to do about this problem. Perhaps I put the ball bearing in wrong?
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