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name: Ryan

location: Pelham/Salem NH, Boston mass

home field: canobie paintball, go there evry sunday! , Planet paintball, i really want to go down to osg alot

Guns: 06 shocker ( i dont use it much ) pink/black acid vsc phantom

experience: ive ben playing since i was around 10 im turning 15 soon!

when i play: usually once a week, in winter once a month

Game Types: Any, I prefer speedball with the pump, but I'll play anything.

How/Where I Play: all around frontman, wheather its in the woods or speedball, im eather front or im sneaking around going for the obj.


p.s. plz invite me to any of the games in NH

i want to also play some form of an urban thing, ive yet to do that

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