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QUOTE: You probably just had too weak of springs or not enough input pressure for the HPA. Glad you got the problem resolved

I have a spring kit with a red, a blue, and a silver spring in addition to the spring that came stock. Would one of these do the trick if I wanted to try compressed air again? My tank's output pressure is 800 psi, I think. What pressure does unreg'd co2 have? I am a little confused. Does a normal compressed air tank have too much flow restriction (ie buy an AGD flatline so I can increase pressure) or to much flow (ie buy a regulator)?

QUOTE: It could also be the tree. Did you expect it to just stand there and take round after round without flinching?! It was probably dodging and weaving in a valiant attempt to avoid your incoming rounds.

Yes, that could have been it, but now that I'm using co2 and I have some consistency, all the efforts of the tree to dodge my paintballs will be in vain!
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