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Tearing down a PMI-1

Alright, since I have nothing better to do here while I'm home on break from college, I've decided I wanna tear down my PMI-1 and clean it out more. Now, I can get it apart as much as I need to, but I want to clean out the lower tube with the CO2 punch and valve and everything, and I figured rather than experimenting on how to get it apart, I'd just ask here first so that I can do it the right way and not bust up my gun

now here's the hard part. it's an older valve style so through reading ive seen that I need a valve tool and a valve punch. i can get the valve tool from palmers but what about the valve punch? is there something i can use as a makeshift? or is there somewhere i can locate one.

I know i could just send my gun to palmers and have them do all this, but you know how it goes, I like to tinker.
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