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pre 97 cocker ivg

I got these bodies and they didnt have any ivgs or threads for the ivgs to thread into, so I was told that they take these weird (weird to me) 2 part ivgs were the outer cylindrical part stays in the marker and the inner threads into the outer and thats how you make your adjustments, though im sure if you have one youll know what it is. Anywase im looking for 2 of these so if you have them please tell me. i got a picture of what i think is one and circled it out of the other parts
it would also be great if it came with the part that has the spring around it and if it also came with some springs of maybe differing weights.

Im in canada so unforunitly that means shipping, and cross boarder for that matter, i can/will cover shipping costs and would prefer it to be shipped usps and not ups. You can post here or pm me or contact me via email at
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