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Gearbag Sale--little bit of everything--new items from time to time

Yes this is the same listing of items I previously had in here because for reasons never told to me, my other thread got locked. So since I can't get an answer as to why it was closed, I'll just start over!

Some items have been deleted and I will be adding some more this weekend so be sure to check back! New items will be added often so check back from time to time.

Ok, it's time to loose some weight. Some of this stuff don't get used anymore and some has been recently replaced by new.

I'm not gonna get into the rules BS. I've been around this sport ever since alot of you have been in diapers so it's pretty simple, I'm sellin, your lookin to buy. You pay, and I send it. I have a ton of feedback (all positive) between here and ebay so it's a big negative on me sending before the item is paid for.

Most of my prices are gonna be pretty firm cause I feel I'm putting a pretty cheap price on them anyway but I will entertain offers as well as make better deals with the more stuff you buy. If you buy an item at my listed price then most of the time that will include shipping and PayPal fees unless noted otherwise. I will also entertain PB related trades in which you will also send first if we work something out. A list of the main things I'm interested in will follow the items I am sellin.

I'm a big fan of discussing things on AIM (gets the details worked out faster)and then sending a PM of the details when a deal is worked out. However I obviously can't be reached all hours of the day through AIM but I prefer you try to contact me there when possible. Otherwise please post then PM.

On to the items...

new item 4/13...
Older right feed cocker, (#38359) w/ brand new Team Hooptie pump kit and "Hitman" mod. Stock internals, Bob Long cyclone bolt, WGP slider frame.


next... Black KAPP drop zone cradle and on/off and a 32* flame drop

$10 each

Burris Xtreme Tactical Speed dot. 1X35mm. LNIB. This lil item prolly shouldn't even be on a PB gun when you see the price I gave for it but do with it what you want once it's outta my hands. Mount was purchased seperate but will be included. Original box and paperwork (blank warranty card) will be included.
39165 - 1x35mm Xtreme Tactical XTS-135 SpeedDot Red Dot Sight, 3 MOA, Warranty, Black Matte

I'm gonna get bent on this one. $150 OBO

Brand new camo 4+1 pack and I'm gonna include 2 100 rnd pods. I bought this to play woodsball but I'm switching back to speedball. CO2 tank not included. I'll try to get the brand name as well, has a GG eblem sewn on it.


Evil headband.

OFFER UP would also throw them in with purchase of anything else above.

I prefer PayPal but will accept bank and PO money orders.
More pics can be taken for serious inquiries.
I will also have a misc thread up soon full of cheap DVD's as well as games for Xbox, 360, PS2, and PS3.

Things I'm intereted in as far as trades...
High end loaders (especially a rotor)
Older DM's
Older angels
Nice gloves
Nice Pants
Older PM's
Pre 04 matricies and parts
Pipe kits
Freak kits
Barrrel kits in general
360 games
PS3 games
The list go's on and on but those are the main things I am always lookin at so anything else you can think of PB related, offer up.
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gearbag sale...
misc sale...
feedback links...

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