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Originally Posted by Tugboater203 View Post
Well the pump could be from later as well, but that body...

Does it have anno on the inside where the adjustable feedneck goes or does it look like it was milled after after?

The pump handle is something Carter told me about.

Regardless, the body is something to behold, the lack of a SN really makes it seem like a prototype to me. How did you come to own this? Perhaps the previous owner can shed some light? If not send pics to WGP and see what they say.


I really love the shorty barrel too. If you want to part it out LMK.
The ano is complete, looks to be all done before anodizing, I will try to get some better pics of that area without the flash... as for where I got it, I purchased a whole lot of these from a guy, I received about 16 bodies with some pretty rare ones. I have them in my gallery pictures, if you wanna check them out. there was a .62 caliber body serial number 55, a .68 caliber body serial 61 some left feed bodies and this one. There were quite a few Sniper 1 and 2 bodies and also some later model ones. I shall send over to Budd Orr and see what he has to say.
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