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Originally Posted by Engus View Post
i might need to pick up some electric goodies, and take a crack at this. where did you get that tiny solenoid?
It's a SMC S070C-SDG-32 (meant to put that up top).

I bought mine from a stalled AO'er. Airsoldier was out of stock. I bumped Haveblue about restocking those last month, so hopefully he has some on the way. Email him again if he doesn't. He is willing to stock them and usually does, he just needs to know someone wants them. Mann on AO had a couple, but they are gone now.

They are rated for 5VDC continuous, so you can't leave them hooked up to a 9V for a long period. Like airsoldier says, none of the solenoid valves are designed for high open and close rates. If it were a Lucas Ledex size 0E solenoid rated for 5VDC continuous, 9VDC at a 20% duty cycle would be perfect, so I don't feel bad about the voltage yet. I'll just have to wear it out to see for sure.

So far I've only run three half full air tanks through it. With a new level 10 to tune and dry firing, I didn't get near enough trigger time on my new toy.
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