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A Carter shoots the same as a Phantom/Nelson, of similar setup (my Box Gun shoots like a Nelspot, for example). If you don't like the way your Phantom shoots, you won't find a Carter any better. They should also be identical in consistency, providing a good barrel. Typically Carters are a little more maintenance intensive due to the collar design, but the new collar-less Carters are likely very similar to a Phantom.

Carters do hold nicer, in my opinion, but that is conjecture. If you find Phantoms too light, a Carter will likely work well for you.

You can definitely improve your Phantom's consistency, I would look into that a bit more before tossing them aside.

Carters are great guns though. I love them. Just keep in mind you are not paying for a "better" gun in terms of performance. You are paying a premium for a hand made work of art which has fit and finish that is mostly unparalleled.

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