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Thanks for the valuable insight! Nice movies too.

I think I will attempt to sell a few items and pick up this Viking. My buddy hasn't played in ages, and I don't think he's interested in continuing the sport, so he shouldn't have too much heartburn selling it. It's a dust red '03 Viking with WAS Equalizer board, eyes, Halo B, 68ci/4500psi Armageddon tank, 12" freak barrel kit, 14" Dye boomstick, and stock Javelin barrel. How much should one expect to pay for something like that? Recently, I saw two different Viking packages, with very similar items and similar Vikes (although those two had nice colorful anodizing jobs) sell on PBNation and AKA Owners recently for $650 - $750, is that too low of a price? My buddy has a habit of 'giving stuff away' for far less than it's worth, but I don't want to just let him give it away, I think he deserves some cash for his investment. Any thoughts on that?
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