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right now the market for AKA guns is pretty good for the buyer, the prices have been slowly going down for the past year and a half or so and they've kinda reached a shelf where they've been holding steady...

so if i have it right...he has:

'03 Unmilled Viking w/ Red Dust Anno (no SCM/MiteyMax?)
WAS Equalizer Board (most likely 1.6 software)
WAS Eyes
12" Freak Barrel Kit w/ Inserts
12" AKA Javelin
14" Dye Boomstick (most likely glued)
Halo B (good working condition? no cracks? new board?)
68/4500 AA Armageddon (in or out of hydro?)

I'm assuming there's no other upgrades to mention? no trigger, no feedneck, no drop/ASA, etc...?

Gun Alone: $425 - $475 (SCM? MiteyMax?)
Gun w/ Barrels: $510 - $525 (is freak kit complete? old dye or new dye?)
Gun w/ Barrels & HaloB: $560 - $575 (depending on halo cond.)
Gun w/ whole package: $625 - $650 (depending on tank cond.)

thats around where the averages are sitting right now for a gun like that, the software is probably older and should be upgraded on that WAS for peak performance, the solenoid is probably the older MAC, which works perfectly fine, but the new Humphreys are faster and lend to better efficiency, and the body is the older '03 style, which doesnt really make that much of a performance difference, they are slightly longer and a bit bulkier and have the rear mounted on/off vs the side mounted on/off that the '04s have.

so yea, thats about it, i try to watch the market for guns to keep up on what costs what so i can find the best deals myself. you still find AKA guns that are rediculously milled (tarantula, streamline, FSP) that get prices upwards of $900 - $1000 and excals sometimes higher than that, but on the other end of the scope, you can sometimes find the super deals on a nicely upgraded vike for around $350 - $400. I actually just got an '04 w/ pandora board/eyes, matrix trigger frame, javelin, bolt mod, CP trigger, etc for $425.

so anyway, good luck with your deal, i know you want to give him at least some of his investment, but personally i'd try and offer like $575 for the whole thing and see what he says...
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