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Originally Posted by HolyP8ntr View Post
Hm, the closest thing to the altering a box issue I've heard is you can't add on to a flat rate box and get the flat rate. Other than that, I've only been told that they have to be used for mailing only.
I've hacked up numerous priority mail boxes and assembled them together with tape to fit a bigger package/item. Never had an issue shipping them, and i have done it over 15 times now. Like was said, you just can't mess with flat rate boxes. Those are set that the box must be x by x by x dimensions, no greater, even by a few millimeters.

i stopped using ebay years ago. Unless the thing i want is long lost and i don't think anyone else in the world will have it, i avoid ebay. After getting raped in the *** in shipping from a certain unnamed paintball place in cali on one of my first pb buying sprees on ebay ($50 in shipping to ship less then 2lbs of stuff that fit in a small priority mail box), i have learned to read the shipping rules, and if i see "will not combine on shipping" then i just move on.
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