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Parts and a Thundercat sale

Just cleaning out some of my paintball gear I don't use. Prices don't include shipping
ICD Thundercat (nice shape, factory double trigger, some ex-rental numbers engraved in front of the vert ASA which the previous owner touched up with some paint) - $65

4 AT-85 Forward Loaders - $5 each
Blazer Foregrip - $15
Blazer 8in. Powercoated barrel - $25
Sheridan metal pump - $7
KP-3 CA Adapter - $15
KP3 bolt (a little beat up) - $15
KP3 tank bracket (this one is a little odd, the bottom of it is tapped for bottomline screws to mount an ASA, however, it will need a wedge between the ASA and bracket for an ASA to fit it appears) - $5
Cocker shroud - $5
Rainmaker bolt - $5

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