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Where is EB? I assume it's in or near Toronto. I wish some field in the Hamilton area would host a pump tourney.
Really all you need to do is talk to the field you go too. It shouldnt be any harder than saying you want a field for a private group. Snowzone and I were talking about this down in Illinois, and we think we really need to just simplify our ideas for the pump tourneys around here. Rent the field, pay regular admission, if you can get a deal from the field great, if not, oh well. Then just play. Have like a 5$ buy in per person, winning team takes all.

Something like that. I'm sure if you really wanted too you could talk Cameron Speedway or Soldier of Fortune into it (i think they are in Hamilton?)

Oh, and as for getting to EB from hamilton for you, its real easy. Just head up QEW, and get off at West Mall/ Evans Ave. Go down West Mall until you get to Dundas st, turn right. When you get to the Jaguar dealership on your right, turn right. The field is a few streets down from there, the street sign is a lil hard to see, but its not a long road.
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