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Originally Posted by 91Foxtrot
Why won't you be going back? I just ask because that is where I play most often. Good mix of speed and woodsball. I'll get at least twice as many games in as I would at CPX, and you just can't beat $40/case.

I played at Factory Paintball in North Chicago for the first time this Sunday. For the first 1.5 hours, I was one of about 3 players with a mechanical marker. After the DM's, Timmys and Shockers left and more mechs showed up, I enjoyed myself a bit more. Or maybe it was just learning curve, since it was my first time playing indoors. All the folks there are very nice.

When I went, I played all day and not once was there a velocity check. I know I wasn't shooting hot because I always chrono in anyways, but I can't speak for anyone else that was playing there. I prefer to have a little more assurance that I'm not going to get my eyes out.

They do have nice fields though.
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