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This is the specs for a mag I'm going to be getting from a teammate of mine.

Stock Mag Powerfeed body, rail and frame. AGD rubber grips
Taso front adapter
Palmer quick connects and Macro line
32 Degrees Drop forward with On/Off
Level 10 valve ( about 2 yrs old) with 4/5 remaining stars
Tourney reg cap
Smart parts rubber grip (that belongs to a regulator)
Stock 12" barrel, post honed and ported
Smart Parts 14" spiral ported barrel, post honed

- I have a VL Quantum (constant feed) hopper, would this hopper be ok to use on that mag? I've heard that this specific hopper would screw up the mag some how. Is that true? The only other hopper I have is a little BE 50 ball hopper lol...should I just use that until I can get something else?
- Also, would it be ok to use CO2 with this? I'm getting a level 7 as a replacement for the level 10. I've heard mixed responses.

Any help would be appretiated.
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