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yeah an rva is a necessity, otherwise your stuck shimming the spring to get the gun shooting right, you also have to take changes in temperature into consideration, Also if you don't have the full performance tune I recommend it, Mine has the full deal and I get 35+ good shots off a 12g on a nice day, the stock kp will get maybe 20 but I don't know much about the valve style you have. It would be awesome if fox 4 let us do a 1v1 on their speedball course, doubt they would, though. Also if the barrel isn't polished already I highly recommend it, you can chuck a long shotgun swab in a drill, throw in some brasso and let it spin in the barrel for a few minutes. That does the job really well and I do it to all my sheridans, once you do that your kp will be a real tack driver.
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