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Originally Posted by PsychoBaller View Post
Ok... so what's the better marker overall, or does it simply reside with personal preference?
I'd have to say personal preference, though I think with nelson pump markers, bore drop was an unneccessary hype, that only really had the effect of throwing the weight of your feed tube (we didn't have hoppers on those days... and we liked it!) forward.

The point that SI (who I am pretty sure developed bore drop) was trying to make is that the ridge in the breech model was the point of pinching and thus ball breaks. I think that a well machined breech drop never has pinching problems, and breech drop proponents will tell you the breech system will actually allow the ball to bounce up a small amount and in a bore drop this results in ball chopping. Don't know how accurate that is either, but I go with breech as my personal fav, mostly for the balance (look at the two most popular nelson guns that are made today, phantom and buzzard... both breech).

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