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Not that the guy probably cares, since he was having a "quitting paintball" sale, but he completely ripped me off.
Bought two items from him, paid that day, he said he would ship the next day.
That was March 27th.
He logged on yesterday, so I kind of doubt he missed my PMs.
I've emailed him multiple times, with the mods as witnesses. Still no gear.
Do not buy any more of this guy's crap!!


Today, 13 May, I received this:

"I am very sorry for this. The person I put in charge to do this sale did everything wrong from selling you items that weren't available to not telling me about any of this. This account is mine but it is used by other people. The person that was behind it has been taken care of and I have taken control of the situation that I just now realized happened and issued you a full refund and an extra amount for your troubles."

The seller indeed did refund my full amount plus an extra amount. At this point, I would not say that everything is okay, but I got my money back. Up to you guys to make your own decision.

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