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My worst injuries playing paintball are definatly not as bad as some here but they are the worst I have incurred while playing.

The first time I really got hurt while playing was in 1989. I used to wear shop goggles with a woodstalker mask, of course I had cut the top of the mask out so it would ventilate. During the first 5 minutes of one game, I was out lone wolfing it, when I ran into 10 players(or so) from the other team. They actually got the drop on me and when I first heard shots I dove for cover. As I dove a paintball entered through the top of my mask and hit the inside corner of my left eye. Well head shots didnt count at that field back then and I could still see out of my right eye so I got up and started running. Blood and paint were running out of my left eye and with one eye still working I had no depth perception. I ran about 50 feet when I caught a tree branch about 4" in diameter across the goggles and knocked me flat. I got up again and started running only to run into another large branch, I then once again got to my feet only to fall into a ditch in between a couple of pine trees and some sort of thorny bush. I laid there catching my breath and soon heard the other team walk up on my position. I heard them discussing me and they couldnt understand where I went, mentioning that I just seemed to vanish. They moved past my position and headed toward my base. I waited another minute or 2 and then crawled out of the ditch and followed the opposing players, this time slowly. I arrived at my base to find it under full out assault, then partially blind, I walked around barrel tagging out 5 opposing players before the game time was up. No permanent damage was done to my eye, but I did have a black eye and blurry vision for about a week after. Of course I didnt go to the doctor.
Within a month I did buy a new pair of JT thermal goggles.
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