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Sorry guys, haven't heard any info yet... be sure you don't jump the gun and book hotel rooms unless you're planning on attending to watch. I wouldn't book anything until you see an announcement on USPL's site.

Any why is everyone so obsessed with prizes? You have a small chance of actually winning the prize anyway and it's not like the prize would be super great to begin with. If this division were to happen, you may not get a prize for 1st - 4th, but you get a chance to participate in a national, pump event. IF you do place 1st-4th, you at least are getting your name out there on a national basis. That alone would probably help you out more than any prizes would in the long run with sponsors.

Besides, where else around here are ya gonna get the chance to play a 5-man pump event? Are there any near Deer Park? If so, let me know...
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