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Although the Phantom IS light, I find it to be the marker I am most accurate with, and I find it to be my most accurate marker (RobertSR's post hints at this difference). I haven't shot a SuperStocker, but I'm sure its accuracy would compare quite well to a Phantom. Both will fire well, it's just up to you to decide what you're comfortable with. One thing to consider is that the Phantom uses Detent rings to retain balls in the standard CCI barrel, and the bore is usually large (>.691), so rollouts are a definite concern. The SS can be made with wedgits, which work very well to retain all sizes of balls. I've heard people are generally disappointed with the detent rings for the Phantom, so you may need a different barrel for smaller bore paint (I use a 15.5" .689 boomstick as my primary Phantom barrel...). Good luck!
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