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Originally Posted by laxpro69 View Post
May i ask what is sooooo good about these "Ducks"?

seriously,search button please.

still not worth 2300 bucks . i would say max would be 1000 .

and you would be WAAAAY off

i actually called him within the very first 20 minutes of that post... the guy was asking for $700 straight up for the duck. Now he's asking for over a grand? Thats insane... the guy kept rambling about how those were first editions, specially made for him and a few other friends in hawaii, and that it was originally owned by a friend who gave it to him or some mess like that...

guess that guy got flooded with phone calls and emails..still $700 was too much for me, but over a grand for a used one.. hell no.

used one? there arent new ones and they will never be made again.
,over a grand is not by any means insane a carter duck is over 2000 even a redux is like 1100

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